Do Poodles Play Fetch?

Poodles are one of the top five smartest dog breeds in the world, making them easy to train and eager to please. They’re lively companions and are fun to play with. poodles love to have their human’s attention. But how do they feel about a spirited game of fetch?

Nearly all poodles enjoy playing fetch. Many poodle owners play fetch with their dogs in order to create strong emotional bonds and provide mental and physical stimulation to their dog’s daily routines. A regular game of fetch can help prevent diseases such as obesity, arthritis, heart disease, and joint problems.

There are plenty of benefits in training your poodle to play fetch. We’ll talk about why they’re good at it, how playing fetch can help with bonding and keep your dog healthy, and how playing fetch can be a terrific part of all of the activities you do together. Read on for all you need to know about playing fetch and your poodle. 

Why are Poodles Good at Playing Fetch? 

It’s pretty well-known that poodles are fun-loving, and are dedicated to pleasing their owners – both excellent qualities for a fetch partner. And there are more reasons poodles are naturally good at fetch. 

Poodles Like to Work and Need to Be Active

Poodles want to work. As previously mentioned, they were bred to have a job, and that job just happened to be fetching ducks with their owners. This need to work is so ingrained in them that they can become destructive if not mentally stimulated and worked.

Poodles enjoy working; whether that be sniffing out truffles or just catching and retrieving a ball in the back yard, these dogs require quite a bit of stimulation.

Since poodles were bred as hunting dogs, allowing them to exercise their impulse is to retrieve by playing fetch is actually very stimulating to their body and mind.

A Poodle’s Body Is Built for Action 

A poodle’s lean, elegant body, sharp mind, and enthusiasm to please make poodles an ideal candidate to learn anything you put in front of them, especially playing fetch.

The poodle was built to work hard – and look good doing it. They were bred to stay lean and fit while also looking stylish and regal. Their laser focus and enthusiasm for doing whatever their owner tells them makes them an excellent fetching partner. 

How to Train a Poodle to Play Fetch

When beginning to teach your poodle to play fetch, it is important to stay patient and be flexible and fun. You want to have a good time with your dog, not stress him out and make it feel like a chore.

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You can train your poodle to play fetch by following these five steps:

  1. Teach Basic Focus Commands – The best way to begin is by first teaching your pup a few basic commands like sit, stay, come, and lie down. This will get their focus on their owner and make it easier for them to know what their owner wants from them.

2. Teach the “Hold” Command – The American Kennel Club suggests this as the very first step in getting your dog to learn how to take something from you and hold it in their mouth. Continue to offer praise and treats as you increase how long the dog holds the toy or ball.

3. Teach the “Get it” or “Fetch” Command – Just as above but start saying “get it” or “fetch.” Every time this happens successfully, give more praise and more treats.

4. Gently Toss a Toy –Gently toss a toy away and call your poodle back to you once he picks it up. When he returns with the toy, praise him and offer a treat.

5. Praise and repeat – Praise your poodle over and over again while encouraging your dog. Show him how fun it can be! Continue to add distance to your toy toss every day, and before you know it, they will be fetching long distances. 

Be patient if your poodle does not pick it up on fetching right away. Some dogs can take a little longer than others and may even respond better to other tactics such as being chased. Whatever you do, remember to stay calm and encouraging. Do not get frustrated! 

Practice daily, as often as you can. Once your poodle gets the hang of it, “practice” will evolve into regular playtime! 

Benefits of Teaching a Poodle to Play Fetch 

There are so many benefits to teaching your poodle to play fetch. Playing fetch increases the bond with your dog, encourages him to listen to you and is great for mental stimulation and physical exercise. 

A regular game of fetch can help prevent diseases like: 

  • Obesity 
  • Arthritis 
  • Heart disease 
  • Joint disease 

Most dogs benefit from anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours of exercise daily. The AKC puts poodles around the middle of the range. You can increase the intensity of fetch by changing up the landscape and with the use of toys. Play someplace hilly to get in additional cardio (for both of you!). Throw a frisbee that sends your dog on a long chase. 

Depending on your poodle’s age and health, you can tailor fetch time to fit both of your needs. 

Pet-Poodle Bonding

Playing fetch also increases your overall bond with your pet. Fun time spent together is good for both of you! It can enhance the training you have instilled in them and allows for more opportunities to spend quality time together. It also encourages good behavior from your poodle, as dogs are people pleasers. Being praised and played with by their human owners encourage them to listen.

Social-Emotional Boost

Fetch is also great for a poodle’s mental health. This breed is highly intelligent and needs mental stimulation daily. Teaching your dog the game of fetch can prevent him from becoming bored and destructive or running away from home out of boredom. Fetch can sharpen their listening skills as well. 

Fetch Toys Your Poodle Will Love

When you’ve done your practice and are ready to hit the yard with some more advanced-level fetch toys, there is no shortage of cool stuff out there. Here are a few that are super fun, excellent quality, and come at an affordable price found on Amazon:

  • Chuck-it ball launcher-This has a long arm that makes it a breeze to sling the ball and scoop it back up without having to touch the ball.
  • Chuck-it kick fetch ball-This soft neoprene ball is excellent for dogs; it is easy on their teeth and will go really far.
  • Nerf dog tennis ball blaster– This one is just as fun as it looks. You pick up the ball with the gun, and then you can shoot it just like a nerf gun!

Your dog can play with these toys at home or you can throw them in your bag and head to someplace fun!

Playing Fetch With Your Poodle Outside

Once you and your poodle master the game of fetch, there are plenty of places to enjoy play fetch outside of your own yard.

In the Water

Since they were originally bred to go after ducks, swimming is an obvious choice. Poodles love the water! ​Swimming allows for both pet and owner to participate together, and you can take the game of fetch to the water as well. Toss a toy or ball into the water and watch as your poodle dives in after it.


As we mentioned, poodles need exercise, and they love it! By getting out into nature with just you and your dog makes for an excellent break from the stresses of life and gives you an opportunity to just enjoy open-air exercise with your pet. Depending on the terrain, you may be able to get in some fetch, too!

The Dog Park? 

The dog park is the one place you may not want to get into a game of fetch or bring your favorite fetching toy. You can almost guarantee that other dogs will want in, and you may not get your toy back the way you want it. Fetch is better for human-dog one-on-one time and the dog park’s main attraction is socialization. However, If you find your local dog park is not busy, this could be an excellent opportunity for a quick game of fetch.

Final Thoughts 

Poodles not only play fetch, but they are great at it. This highly intelligent, majestic, athletic dog thrives on mental and physical stimulation. Once you’ve trained your poodle to play the game, there are plenty of toys and locations to mix it up with. You already know your poodle loves spending time with you. So, a game of fetch is another great way to bond.

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