17 Easy Indoor and Outdoor Games to Play With Your Poodle

There are a lot of simple, fun games you can play with your poodle. Your dog requires mental and physical stimulation for its overall well-being.

The best easy indoor and outdoor games to play with your Poodle include:

  • 1. Find the Hidden Treasure
  • 2. Hide and Seek
  • 3. “Get it” with the Ball or Frisbee
  • 4. Weave Poles
  • 5. Swim and Retrieve
  • 6. Food Puzzles
  • 7. Tug of War
  • 8. The Eye Spy Game
  • 9. Flirt Pole
  • 10. Sniff it Out
  • 11. Agility Training
  • 12. The Hot and Cold Game
  • 13. Problem Solve with Treats
  • 14. Teach Your Pup “Under the Bridge”
  • 15. Interactive Treat Game
  • 16. Free Shaping Games
  • 17. Putting Toys Away

When you play games with your pup, you may need to get creative to keep them interested. Play can be gratifying for both you and your dog. Read on to find seventeen easy indoor and outdoor games to play with your poodle.

What Games Can I Play with My Poodle?

Games are great for bonding with your dog and can be very helpful in obedience and behavior training. Luckily, there are a large variety of fun interactive puzzles, toys, and games to employ for these purposes.

Here are some easy and fun games that you and your Poodle can enjoy together:

1. Find the Hidden Treasure

Dogs have more scent receptors than humans. From shoes to grass, they are constantly smelling everything around them. Gather a few small boxes or containers and put them upside down. Put a treat underneath the box or container, and your dog will start to sniff around.

When your Poodle finds the treat, he has found the hidden treasure. Please give him a satisfying pet and allow him to enjoy his reward.

2. Hide and Seek

Many puppy parents like to play hide and seek with their dogs. Older dogs may get a kick out of it as well. You can hide under a desk, behind the sofa, or under the covers in your bedroom. Your pup is presented with the task of finding you.

Try to change the location where you are frequently hiding. Give your pup a treat when he has found you. This game is excellent for Poodles, as they are curious and playful dogs.

3. Get it with the Ball or Frisbee

Always keep a ball where you can quickly get to it. When indoors, try throwing the ball against the wall and say “get it,” as you watch your pup catch it when it rebounds. You can also bounce the frisbee on the floor and say “get it” when they try to get it on the first bounce.

Poodles love indoor games due to their gentle temperaments. Also, you can always play with the ball in your backyard. Get your pup to bring the ball back to you when they fetch it, or you can use a frisbee if you prefer.

4. Weave Poles

You can play this training game in your house or outdoors if you like. Set up poles utilizing items in your home such as chairs and get your dog to heel alongside you as you weave between them. Switch it up and move faster, and your Poodle will love the thrill of the chase!

This exercise is exceptional for coordination, especially if you plan to agility train your dog. It is a cardio workout for both of you.

5. Swim and Retrieve

Poodles were bred for swimming, and they love water retrieving. Dive in the water and toss a toy far off from where they are in the pool. They will enjoy swimming after it and bringing it back to you. Start with shallow water first, then make your way toward deeper water.

Tennis balls are great to use for this purpose because float on top of the water. Swim and retrieve mimics your pup retrieving waterfowl, like a duck or a goose, as he will bring it to you. Poodles are good at that sort of thing.

6. Food Puzzles

Poodles are highly intelligent, and they enjoy working hard. Food puzzles stimulate your dog’s mind and keep him occupied. Try a treat ball that releases a treat. Then, try a puzzle that is a little bit harder for him. Poodles love a good challenge.

Your Poodle will like going from something easy to something a bit more tricky. Some toys have hidden compartments for treats that entail pushing, turning, or opening to extract the treats.

The chart below has some of the best examples of fun interactive games and food puzzles for your dog found on Amazon:

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As you can see, there are a lot of different games you can play with your dog. Make sure to supervise your pup whenever he is playing.

7. Tug of War

Get a towel and roll it up. Get your dog to bite the end of the towel and pull back and then watch your pup try to pull back. Be gentle at first, but do not let him win (yet). Keep this up, and your dog will love the game.

Keep playing tug of war until right before your dog gets frustrated. Finally, give in and let your dog have the towel.

8. The Eye Spy Game

The Eye Spy Game can help get your dog to pay better attention to you. Mark and reward your pup for looking at objects. This object could be a squirrel or a tree, for example. Bring treats along for the journey.

When you spy your selected object, say “yes!” Your dog will turn towards you and feed your dog the treat. Play the game when you go for walks, and your dog will get better at it. This game is great for obedience training.

9. Flirt Pole

A flirt pole is a terrific way to exercise a dog. Otherwise known as a flirt stick, a flirt pole is a piece of exercise equipment that will get your dog to chase the moving bait. Drag the toy on the ground in a circle. Your dog will chase it and tug on it.

A flirt pole is like a cat wand, satisfying the feline’s urge to hunt. (Check out my favorite flirt pole on Amazon here)

You can use a flirt pole as a way of practicing the fundamental commands, such as:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Wait
  • Look
  • Drop it
  • Leave it

Your pup will get good practice listening to you as they are in a state of high alert. Flirt poles are terrific for unfocused Poodles who are learning basic commands.

10. Sniff it Out

Get your dog to sniff out different foods. Then, have your dog sniff out a non-food scent to sniff. You can collect items from their favorite places, such as the beach or dog park, and put them in the box.

Get bird feathers and acorns from the dog park and seashells from the beach. Let your dog smell and interact with the items you have given them. Poodles have a keen sense of smell, and they love to sniff things out.

With this game, you will need to supervise your dog closely to ensure he doesn’t ingest one of the items. The “sniff it out” game is good for providing excellent cognitive protection and allowing your pup to employ the nose. You can switch up the items once these items lose their scent.

11. Agility Training

Agility is more of a sport than a game. However, it will bring out your Poodle’s natural athleticism and give him a chance to shine. It will give your dog great confidence when he learns to jump, work on tunnels, and once he learns how to weave.

You can practice agility with your dog at home. It can be a bonding activity for the two of you, and you can teach your pup the basics of agility training.

Weaving is one of the most challenging skills for a dog to learn. However, your Poodle will likely rise to the challenge. You can also get him to practice tunnels at home with chairs, blankets, and cardboard boxes.

Show your Poodle how much fun agility can be by first going through the tunnels yourself, then instructing him to follow. Give him a treat when he enters and exits the tunnel. Encourage your dog to embrace its inner Poodle and jump!

12. The Hot and Cold Game

The hot and cold game uses verbal interaction to help your dog find a hidden treat or toy. When your dog is not watching, hide a treat. When your dog moves away from the hidden treat, use a relaxed tone for colder if your pup moves away from the hidden treat.

If your dog gets close to the hidden treat, use a more enthusiastic tone for hotter. This game teaches your dog good listening skills. It also helps create a unique method of communication that is unique to you and your pet.

13. Problem Solve with Treats

Tie a small rope or a ribbon to a treat and hide it under a piece of furniture. Put the treat far enough towards the back so that the treat is just out of reach. Encourage your pup to examine it and see how long it takes for them to tug on the string to get the treat.

This game will help your poodle with their cognitive skills. When your dog effectively solves a problem, it makes him feel good about himself.

14. Teach Your Pup “Under the Bridge”

Teaching your dog a new trick is good to help develop his attention and obedience skills. You can try one called “Under the Bridge.” Sit on the ground with your knees somewhat bent and use a treat or a toy to get him to move under the bridge you have created with your legs.

When he gets to the toy or treat, reward him, and be sure to reward him lots of pets. This teaching will help your dog strengthen his mental skills and can make obedience training easier.

15. Interactive Treat Game

Get some plastic storage bowls, and try to get ones that go from large to small. Put the treat in the container. Then, put another container on top. Keep layering treats in containers. Put one treat on top and open the container.

Make sure you supervise so that your pup will not try to eat the containers. You can keep working with your dog until he has progressed with the game and be sure to challenge your pup a little more each time.

16. Free Shaping Games

Free shaping refers to a specific behavior based on small steps. It helps you to train your dog by utilizing its natural abilities. A simple way to begin is by using a box as a prop. Start by having your dog touch the box without any verbal instruction.

Put the box in front of you and wait for your pup to touch the box. When he touches it, give him pets and kisses. Treats should also be used as a reward. Develop your dog’s skills by having him put his foot in the box.

17. Putting Toys Away

Have your dog pick up a toy where it is usually put away. Instruct your pup to drop the toy while standing over the toy box. You can teach your dog to clean up their toy area. This practice will help build cognitive and obedience skills.

Why is it Good for Your Poodle to Play Games?

Playing games with your dog can help him develop his cognitive skills, as well as assist with his overall well-being. Many dogs who do not play with their guardians experience behavioral issues, such as anxiety, aggression, and other behavioral problems.

If you and your dog do not play together, the two of you will miss out on an essential part of the bonding experience. You become a better pet parent when you give your dog what he needs. Participating in play will help your dog mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Playing with Your Dog Sharpens Their Mental Skills

When puppies begin to play, they learn basic manners. They learn how not to play too rough or aggressively. It is essential to socialize your pup and teach him to be respectful. Your dog also needs to put their mental skills into practice every day, which will combat cognitive decline.

Playing with Your Dog helps Them Physically

When your dog is physically fit, it will not be at a lower risk of specific health problems, such as canine obesity. Play sessions can help keep your pet’s weight under control and keep his heart strong. Playing with your Poodle can even help increase your dog’s lifespan and quality of life!


Games are a great way to bond with your Poodle and have him practice his mental skills, and it can even help build confidence. Ensure you always reward your canine companion with a pet or a treat when they accomplish a task you give him.

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