Do Poodle Mixes Shed? Here’s How to Tell

Poodle mixes are popular breeds of dogs and it’s easy to see why. Poodles are an intelligent breed and are considered hypoallergenic as their coat does not shed. This anti-shedding nature is one of the main reasons you may be considering a poodle mix as a pet, but what if the poodle is mixed with a breed that sheds a lot?

How do you tell if a poodle mix will shed? Although it is impossible to tell before the poodle mix is born, the more coiled hair your poodle mix has, the less likely it is to shed. The coiled hair of a poodle grows and sheds more like human hair. The Coils trap stray hairs, resulting in your poodle mix shedding less.

Of course, there are variables when it comes to the specific dog breed that is in the poodle mix. I did some research to find out exactly how to tell if a poodle mix will shed and more essential information about poodle mixes.

How Can You Tell if a Poodle Mix Will Shed?

Every single dog breed sheds. However, some do shed more than others. To gauge whether your poodle mix will shed, it helps to understand why poodles don’t shed as much as other dog breeds. It’s all in the type of hair that poodles grow.

Poodle hair is able to grow relatively long without shedding and is very similar to the way human hair grows and sheds. Unlike other breeds, poodle hair continues to grow instead of growing to a certain length, falling out, and being replaced. Thanks to their curly or coiled hair texture, any hair that does shed is likely to be trapped in their coat instead of ending up in your home.

If your main reason for choosing a poodle mix is due to your allergies, check their coat. A poodle mix with a hair texture closer to a standard poodle’s hair is less likely to shed.

A poodle mix that retained, for example, a hair texture that is more similar to a Labrador is more likely to shed. It is impossible to guarantee the coat texture of a poodle mix’s litter.

Just keep in mind what breed of dog is being mixed with the poodle. Mixing a poodle with another low shed dog will produce a low-shed poodle mix. Mixing a poodle with a high shedding breed of dog is more likely to produce a moderate or high shedding poodle mix.


It’s easy to understand why poodle mixes have gained popularity. Poodles, in general, are intelligent, highly trainable, and lovable dogs. Breeding any purebred poodle with another purebred dog like a Labrador can provide a hypoallergenic option for a therapy or family dog.

Having a mixed breed dog is also healthier for your pet. Purebred dogs have been selectively bred for so long they are often plagued with health problems as they age. Choosing a poodle mix or any mixed breed will mean a reduction in vet bills for you and a better quality of life for your dog.

Poodle mixes tend to be popular for breeders because purebred poodles come in many different sizes. By choosing a toy, small, medium, or large breed of poodle to breed with, you can better control the probable adult size of the poodle mix.

Poodles are great dogs to begin with, which is probably the most important reason poodle mixes are so popular. Poodles are smart, loyal, and loving dogs that barely shed. Mixing these traits with other animals give you the traits you may love with certain purebred dogs while reducing the health risks of a purebred dog.

Choosing which poodle mix is the best fit for your lifestyle and family is one of the first steps after deciding you would like to adopt or purchase a poodle mix.

Here is a handy chart that gives you a quick glance at some of the more popular poodle mixes and their shedding qualities.

CockapooCocker Spaniel + PoodleSmaller breed, family dog, low shedder, trainable, high energy, needs regular grooming.
LabradoodleLabrador + PoodlePopular therapy dogs, intelligent, family dog, hunting dog, inconsistent coat type.
GoldendoodleGolden Retriever + PoodleRequire a lot of attention and grooming, have an undercoat and are not considered low shedders, therapy dog.
YorkipooYorkshire Terrier + Toy or Miniature PoodleLow Shedder, intelligent, gentle, confident, loves to play, easy to groom.
Double DoodleGoldendoodle or Labradoodle + PoodleLow Shedder, intelligent, friendly, great family dogs.
WestiepooWest Highland White Terrier + PoodleHas an undercoat, can be destructive, active, affectionate.
CavapooCavalier King Charles + PoodleSmall and low shedding, affectionate and friendly.
PoochonBichon Frise + PoodleEnergetic, low shedder, smart and trainable, loyal, affectionate.

With any mixed dog, you can not guarantee what the coat will look like, and this is true with poodle mixes as well. If you choose another low shedding dog to mix with a poodle, your poodle mix will be more likely to have a low shedding coat.

Check out this article to learn much more about the differences between poodles and doodles.


What Exactly is a Hypoallergenic Dog Breed?

When used in the context of dog breeds, hypoallergenic simply means a breed of dog that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. This includes dogs that don’t shed very much or dogs without an undercoat.

Poodle mixes do double duty when it comes to being considered hypoallergenic, depending on the breed they are mixed with. They are low shedders which will leave less hair around the house. Their coat is also able to trap dander and some of the hairs they will inevitably shed.

Living with a dog and allergies means cleaning your house and grooming your dog regularly. Keep your pet off your pillows and away from your face to prevent an allergic response.

Can I Have a Poodle Mix if I Have Dog Allergies?

It really depends on the severity of your dog allergies, but many dog owners are allergic to their pets. It’s true, choosing a poodle mix does not guarantee you will not suffer any allergies from your pet, but it does help.

Here are some tips and tricks to coexist with your dog and your allergies:

  • Regular baths. This is simple but effective. Giving your poodle mix a bath every week will keep their coat clean, and significantly reduce the allergens they are spreading in your home.
  • Talk to your doctor. They may be able to prescribe an effective treatment for your allergies like immunotherapy, antihistamine sprays or pills, or a combination of treatments. It is also possible your poodle mix isn’t the cause of your allergies. Check with your doctor or allergist and find out the allergens responsible for your reactions.
  • Create a safe space for yourself. Make your bedroom a pet-free zone to prevent severe allergy symptoms. Choose hypoallergenic bedding and use a HEPA air cleaner if necessary.
  • Keep your house clean. Regular sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, and dusting are all inexpensive ways to reduce the allergens in your home. Consider HEPA air filters for your vents or use HEPA air cleaners throughout the home.

It is possible to manage your allergies and live happily and healthily with your poodle mix. If severe allergies are a concern, spend some time with a poodle mix before you take on the responsibility of adopting or buying a poodle mix.

Some ideas you could try include:

  • Borrow” a poodle mix from a friend and have them stay at your house for a couple of days.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter to test out how your allergies will react and what helps best relieve your symptoms.
  • Spend a night or two at a friend’s house who has a poodle mix.

If you do adopt a poodle mix and your allergies worsen, making the dog a danger to your personal health, please take the time to responsibly find a loving home for your dog. This could mean personally finding your dog a new home or finding a no-kill shelter in your area to surrender your animal.

If your allergies to your poodle mix are a true emergency and you need to get your dog out of the house immediately, ask a friend or a neighbor to foster your dog while you find your poodle mix a good home. You can even find foster networks online. There is never a good reason to abandon an animal.

I live with cats and dogs, and I am mildly allergic to both, but I could not imagine not having my pets in my life. For more information on living with your pet and allergies, check out the Humane Society’s website.

The Importance of Grooming Your Poodle Mix to reduce shedding

It is important to remember that choosing a low shedding dog breed does not mean you are choosing a low maintenance dog breed. Poodle mixes are dogs that require regular grooming to keep their coat clean, healthy, prevent matting, and control shedding.

Here are some reasons why it is so important to regularly groom your poodle mix.

  • Their hair can grow pretty long, especially if their coat resembles a poodle coat. This can result in matted fur if not washed and trimmed regularly. Matted fur can be uncomfortable for your pet and unhygienic.
  • It reduces allergens. Because a poodle mix’s coat can trap hair and dander within itself, your poodle mix can become a walking, barking allergen. Regular baths can prevent any allergens from spreading to you or your home.
  • Nail trims and more. As with any breed, your groomer provides essential services like trimming your poodle mix’s nails and the hair around sensitive areas like the face, eyes, and paw pads in a safe and clean environment.

Neglecting to regularly groom or bathe your poodle mix can greatly reduce some of their hypoallergenic benefits, not to mention reduce their quality of life. Just think about it, how do you feel when you’ve missed a shower, forgotten to brush your teeth, or haven’t brushed your hair all day?

Can you Adopt Poodle Mixes?

Yes. You can absolutely find a poodle mix to adopt at your local animal shelter. Animal shelters contain a mix of mutts, purebred, and mixed-breed dogs. You can find a poodle mix at a lower cost than a breeder, and help out your community as well by adopting your dog instead of purchasing one.

If you do purchase your poodle mix, make sure to research your chosen breeder. By choosing to adopt or only purchase animals from reputable breeders, we can do our part in the fight against puppy mills and animal cruelty.

How do you know you are working with a responsible breeder? Here are the qualities you should be looking for in your dog breeder.

Qualities to Look for in a Dog Breeder

  • Your breeder only has a number of dogs they can care for nutritionally, physically, and medically.
  • Your breeder only has the necessary number of litters to improve the breed.
  • Your breeder tests for genetic disorders.
  • Your breeder screens you and your home to ensure the dog is going to a good home.
  • Your breeder has a spay/neuter contract.
  • Your breeder accepts the responsibility of re-homing the dog should the need arise.

These are only a few things to keep in mind. It should never be “easy” to get a dog because dogs require a fair amount of time, patience, money, and love. Make sure to visit the breeder at their facility so you can see firsthand how the dogs are kept and treated before you make any purchasing decisions.

By refusing to thoroughly vet your breeder, you could be indirectly contributing to animal abuse. By giving irresponsible breeders money, we keep their cruel businesses profitable.


How to Care for Your Poodle Mix

Caring for your poodle mix is similar to caring for any type of dog breed. Let’s go over common care tips and tips more specified for poodle mixes.

5 Common Care Tips for Your Poodle Mix

  • Feed your poodle mix good quality food and treats. This is true for any dog breed. A good diet is essential to a long and healthy life for your poodle mix. A consistent, high-quality diet will give your poodle mix more good years.
  • Make sure your poodle mix drinks enough water. Poodle mixes tend to be high energy dogs. Your poodle mix may not get enough to drink throughout the day or while playing. Make sure to lead them to their water bowl, especially after a walk or an afternoon at the dog park.
  • Play with your poodle mix. Poodle mixes tend to be highly intelligent dogs and need a good amount of physical and mental stimulation. Take them on a walk, play fetch, or spend some time training every day to keep your poodle in good physical and mental health.
  • Yearly Vet visits. Don’t wait until your dog is sick or injured to take them to the vet. Keep them up to date on their vaccines and help prevent any serious health issues by regular vet visits.
  • Keep your poodle mix clean. Regular grooming and dental hygiene are essential to your poodle mix’s health.

For more detailed information on caring for your poodle mix, check out this website.

What is it Really Like to Have a Poodle Mix?

I got very lucky when we were searching for a new dog. A neighbor of Mine had purchased a Labradoodle who unfortunately had too much energy to get along with their older lab. So I was fortunate to bring a poodle mix into my home at no charge. I wanted to share what life is really like with a poodle mix, specifically a Labradoodle.

Her name is Harper, and she has light brown, mostly curly fur. I would consider her a low shedder, although I have multiple seasonal allergies so it doesn’t help me very much. Harper has to be around her family and she will follow you around the house. She has a lot of energy, so I take her on long walks or trips to the dog park.

Harper is a smart dog, so on bad weather days, we will hide treats or toys for her to find, play indoor fetch, or work on a new trick. She picks up and learns new commands easily.

She gets regular baths and we have a friend that grooms her when her hair starts to cover her eyes. Sometimes I give her a fun cut like a Mohawk or a standard poodle cut, but in the summer I shave her down. While her hair is longer, Harper needs to be brushed daily to prevent her fur from matting.

Harper barks at anyone or anything new to her or startling noises, but she is friendly and sociable to people and other animals. She is so affectionate and is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned. I have never regretted making her a part of our family. 

If you take the time to make sure a poodle mix is the right breed for you and know you are prepared to bring a dog into your home, it’s a no-brainer.

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