Can Poodles Really Swim?

Most dogs, like poodles, love to be active. One of the best exercises for humans and poodles alike is swimming. However, not all dogs have what it takes to swim.

Can poodles really swim? Yes, poodles can swim. Poodles are one of the best swimmers of all dog breeds. Most adore the water and will take every opportunity to dive into it. A poodle was bread for webbed feet and a water-resistant coat which serve them well in the water.

With all the health benefits related to swimming for canine and human alike, you may want to consider taking your poodle to a good swimming hole. Until that time, let’s talk more about poodles and the benefits of swimming.

Steps to Prepare Your Poodle for Swimming

Some dogs take naturally to water without any motivation on your part. Others, however, may need a bit of help. Follow these steps to make your poodle’s first swimming adventures easier.

1) Fit them with a proper life jacket.

Dogs may need a bit before they have the strength or confidence to swim without a life jacket. If the water is deep or it is a large body of water like a lake or an ocean, always keep your poodle safe with a life jacket.

2) Start with shallow water.

When your dog can comfortably explore the water and test their skills, they will feel more comfortable and you will, too.

3) Watch for signs of exhaustion.

Sometimes animals get so involved in playing that they exhaust themselves. This could lead to drowning in water if you aren’t careful.

4) Only use toys that float.

Don’t push your dog to put their heads underwater. They could breathe water into their lungs and it can fill their ears.

5) Have fun with it.

Don’t treat the process like a strict training regimen. Have fun in the water and let your dog enjoy themselves, too.

The Benefits of Swimming For Poodles and Their Owners

Swimming isn’t simply beneficial to your poodle. Humans also gain health benefits from swimming. If both poodles and their owners can reap rewards from swimming, why not swim together? Don’t just run to the nearest lake and throw your poodle in, though. Not every poodle will take to the water right away. Let them test out the water themselves. You could also show them it is safe by indulging in the fun as well. Some benefits of swimming with your poodle include:

  • Swimming is excellent for joints. Water exercise is low-impact and therefore much easier on older bodies and those suffering physical ailments. It can also help regain strength and control for those who need it. Swimming has also been proven to help those suffering from arthritis.
  • Ideal for muscles. Not only can swimming help you gain muscle, but it can also improve the quality of life for humans or animals suffering from muscle weakness.
  • Swimming can help with the pain. Chronic pain illnesses don’t just affect humans. Swimming can help humans and pets improve in their health and give their bodies a break from the pressures that come from walking and standing.
  • It is excellent for heart health. Getting your blood pumping in a less-impactful way is incredible for circulation.
  • Especially helpful in rehabilitation. Some injuries need lower-impact exercises for rehabilitation. Swimming is one of the most recommended ways to get this exercise. There is often specific equipment for the pool or you may need to work with a specialist for you or your canine.
  • Swimming can improve digestive health. It can speed up your metabolism, help your bowels move more regularly, and it can help you burn away any toxins.
  • It can keep you lean. This doesn’t just mean with muscles but also with the weight you hold. Swimming is excellent for weight loss and management as it works multiple points of your body at once.
  • Swimming helps with stress and anxiety. A playful exercise in a comforting environment can benefit the mental health of all living beings, especially you and your poodle.
  • Water can help you cool down. This is important to take note of in case of blistering temperatures. Make sure you and your pet are consuming enough drinking water, too. Dehydration during exercise can occur even when you are swimming.
  • It can be a lot of fun. Having healthy fun is beneficial in more ways than can be properly counted. It helps with mood, health, and overall well-being.

You may not want to or be able to join your canine in the water. Or, you may want to play with some toys made just for them. Whatever the reason, consider checking out these popular water toys for dogs on Amazon:

  • ZippyPaws Duck Toy, which you can see here, will allow you to encourage your poodle’s water retrieval without the harm of actual ducks. It will float on the water and it is also a squeaky toy.t
  • The Kurgo Fetch Toy lets you skip rocks that your dog can fetch for you. They float and they come in neon colors, so they are easy to spot in the water. Check them out here.
  • Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee is a flying disk that is durable and gentle on your dog’s mouth. It will float for long periods of time in the water so your poodle and take its time fetching. Take a peek at it here.
  • Thee oneisall Flying Discs Toys, which you can see here, float on the water and are easy to spot. It can also bounce, and its durability makes it ideal for tugging and chewing.
  • Chuckit! Ultra Ball is great for the ball-loving poodle. They are buoyant, durable, and bounce very high. They are good for in or out of the water. Bounce over here to check it out.

All About the Poodle

There are many fascinating tidbits of information all around about dog breeds, including the poodle. Some dogs are bred for specific purposes, and allowing your canine friend to take part in what comes naturally to them will provide them time to enhance those skills.

  • Poodles are skilled water retrievers. More specifically, they were bred to retrieve game, like ducks and geese, from the water. This skill also allows them to be helpful if there were ever someone struggling to swim to shore.
  • They are highly intelligent. This allows them to better understand situations, to train easier and faster, and to think quick on their feet. Their ease of training also makes them ideal for entertaining purposes.
  • Poodles are alert observers. They can read a situation and tell if there is danger faster than some other breeds. This observation may be why your poodle sometimes stays clear of certain people or areas. It could be wise to pay attention to what they may be warning you about.
  • Their loyalty is remarkable. They don’t tend to run away from a good home, like some other canines–no matter how wonderful they maybe–will. This being said, you can’t hold the rare sprint for a trespassing squirrel against them.
  • They are hypoallergenic. This means that people who usually have an allergic reaction to dogs are much less likely to have any trouble with poodles. Not only that, but they shed a bit less than other dogs if you take care of their fur properly.
  • Their nose can make you money. Their heightened ability to smell makes them skilled truffle hunters. It also allows them to be skilled trackers.
  • Popular show dogs. Poodles are often presented in dog shows and obedience highlights. Their intelligence and loyal nature make them ideal for this lifestyle.
  • They originate from Germany. Their thick and unique coat helps them play in the water even amongst the German cold. The fur can protect them from the brunt of the chill.
  • There are three varieties. They are standard, miniature, and toy. However, they are all the same breed. The varieties only reference their size.

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The Takeaway

Poodles were bred to swim, so give them the opportunity to do what they were born to do. Be sure you allow them to take to the water on their own terms so they can safely home in on their natural skills. Don’t be afraid to join the water fun, either. Your poodle seeing their best human friend enjoying the water will make it more enjoyable for them, too.

Remember that they are born water retrievers. Don’t be surprised if you take them to the lake, and they bring you a treasure from the water in the form of a duck or a lost toy. Be sure to keep an eye on how far they go, though. You don’t want to let them swim too far from the shore because they need the energy to safely get back to you.

You can even enjoy some good water toys together. There are disks, balls, ducks, and more to play with. The bonding time you both can gain from swimming is as good as the health benefits. Consider what your poodle was bred for and try to find a good location for some playful exercise in the water.

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